Hi there! My name is Joelle. Welcome to my thoughts on a whole slew of things. My family and I live in sunny south Florida. I am so excited to share my life through words (and some pictures) with you. The beach is my happy place and thankfully the whole family loves the beach, including June our wild dog. I love houseplants- they do not seem to love me back, but we are working on it. I grew up in south Florida, but still like to consider myself a California native since that is where I was born. My husband, Tyler, also grew up here and we intend on staying put, unless an occasion arises that takes us on an exciting adventure. He is an amazing cook and builds custom hardwood furniture. He is extremely creative and talented. I have a deep love of food and wine. I can be, well, kind of a snob about these two things, but I am also happy to eat and drink whatever is put in front of me (although, I am never disappointed when Tyler is cooking). My husband and I married and had our son all in one year- not a shot-gun wedding, but it was well planned! I have never been extremely private about who I am or what is happening in my own life, so you may often feel like I am over-sharing, but hopefully you get some laughter from it. 

My love for written word is very familial. As a young girl, I kept a daily diary and loved the feel of pen to paper. I wrote lots of letters to my grandmother, who also enjoyed writing and had handwritten notes everywhere. I also wrote notes and letters to friends, when I felt that my emotions would be better expressed and more fully understood on paper, rather than spoken out loud. My mother has always had a knack for writing and has her own blog that reaches out to others, through the love of God. She has always encouraged and enjoyed my writing (she also enjoys my singing, sooo maybe I shouldn’t be writing for the public…). I love receiving hand written cards for any occasion. It is of course a dying art, which may be why I cherish receiving cards and letters in the mail even more than usual.

Most of my thoughts here will probably revolve around my own day to day and what is going on in the world. I share these with a vulnerability and knowledge that you, the reader, may not agree with my perspectives on currents events, God, politics and anything else that comes up. That is OK with me. I enjoy some banter as long as it is done with respect and I in turn respect all of your opinions and thoughts, because without those, growth does not happen and there would be no variety.

I truly hope that the things you read here touch you, lift you up, give you some perspective, make you think, drive your thoughts forward, make you laugh, are relatable, give you pause, and most of all- are a break from all the stuff you HAVE to read on a daily basis. Always feel free to drop me a note or a letter, whether electronic or not, I would love to hear from you!

affectionately, Jo

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